Installing and Running Instructions

Applicable to the “Basic” edition or to the “Pro” edition

The download procedure has created on your computer the corresponding Installer file:

“F-18_BasicInstaller_NEC2014.1” or “F-18_ProInstaller_NEC2014.1” (depending on your selection). Double-click it and follow the wizard instructions

  1. Double click the corresponding Installer file to begin the INSTALLATION process and follow the Wizard instructions
  2. After the installation process has finished, find the shortcut F-18 Run_Basic_NEC2014.1 or F-18_Pro_NEC2014.1  icon on your Desktop
    1. Right click the shortcut icon and select Properties
    2. Click the Advanced button
    3. Check “Run as administrator”
    4. Press OK
    5. Press Apply
    6. Press Continue
    7. Press OK

NOTE: if you uninstall F-18 and later you install it again, follow anew steps a) through g)

  1. To run this program, you need to have installed on your computer the Access DB program (which is part of the Office suit). If you don’t have it, then it is necessary to install the Access Runtime program which can be downloaded from:

Once installed, you may proceed to Run F-18, according to next step

  1. Click the shortcut icon to start F-18. Enjoy!

NOTE: disable temporarily your anti-virus if it interferes with Feeder 18.

WARNING: if you uninstall F-18, the uninstall program doesn’t delete all of the associated folders. This may cause conflicts if you reinstall F-18 on the same location. To avoid potential problems, after F-18 has been uninstalled, complete manually this process by deleting from the Installed Folder the folder whose ID is the name of the installer project.


Name of the installer project: F-18_Test

Installation Folder: C:\Program Files

Uninstall F-18_Test (double click the Installer on your desktop  and select the Remove option)

From the Windows Explorer tree, look for C:\Program Files and delete the folder named F-18_Test