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Feeder 18 addresses all of the occupancies listed in Table 220.12 of the NEC as well as most of the references listed in Table 220.3.

Among the occupancies we selected to show a Demo / Tutorial for a multifamily dwelling, based on  Example D4(b)  (Annex D of the NEC). To complement the Demo / Tutorial, in order to facilitate the understanding of the procedure exposed in the Demo / Tutorial, we have included under the Samples title a view of several of the pages of the procedure. It is to be noted that when you run the program, each of these pages can be printed at your convenience.

We have also included under the Sample title, similar views corresponding to the Project of a Store building, based on Example D3 and to the Project of an Industry facility, based on Example D3(a).

Please note that among the pages shown, there is one corresponding to the Results. Here you can compare these results of Feeder 18 with the ones shown in the Annex D, for each of the cases above mentioned.. Actually, this is one of the purposes of the Samples, to demonstrate the accuracy of the results compared with those of the Annex D of the Code. It’s a matter of confidence.