General Info


FEEDER 18 (F-18 in short) is a fully-integrated LV electrical engineering software package whose main objective is to determine, for a given Project, service and feeders calculated loads and corresponding conductor and raceway sizes, including branch circuits.. It also calculates OCP ratings, VD, Xfmr sizes (where applicable), busway ratings (where applicable), grounding & bonding. In addition, it includes an estimated bill of materials and corresponding costs for every circuit and the total cost of a Project..                

Use of this program  will eliminate  guessing solutions, tedious and time-consuming calculations, waste and oversizing of materials and equipment.  

Several hundred Projects can be handled by Feeder 18.

For a given Project, several hundred feeders (and branch circuits) at one time can be calculated by this program which is fully based and  complies with the applicable  requirements for service, feeder and branch-circuit calculations of the 2014 NATIONAL ELECTRICAL CODE. (Conductor ampacities are based on TABLES 310.15 of the NEC, and applicable temperature correction factors and  adjustment factors).    Load calculations are based on Article 220 of the NEC.                                            

Although specifically developed for residential, commercial and institutional buildings, FEEDER 18 is equally well suited for all of the occupancies listed in Table 220.12  of the NEC.  Also some of the loads included in Table 220.3 (Air-conditioning, Electric Welders, Fire Pumps, Fixed Electric Space-Heating  Equipment,  Marinas and Boatyards, Mobile Homes, Recreational Vehicle Parks and Storage-Type Water Heaters).

Feeder 18 (F-18) consists of two programs. The Pro Edition and the Basic Edition. The Basic Edition is FREE. It’s exactly the same as the Pro Edition, except that it’s limited to six circuits. Note however that you can access to all of the features of the Pro Edition.

F-18 is especially suited for electrical engineers, contractors, electricians, technicians, instructors, AHJ’s and in general, for people related to the electrical industry.